Agroforestry seamlessly combines agriculture and forestry to create productive, sustainable, and environmentally beneficial land-use systems.

Cultivating a Greener Tomorrow

Picture a UK where lush woodlands and productive farmlands coexist in harmony. Agroforestry represents a crucial step towards sustainable land management, vital for increasing biodiversity and addressing climate change. However, the transition to agroforestry involves navigating various complexities, which can be daunting for many landowners.


The Benefits of Agroforestry

Agroforestry offers a multitude of ecological and economic benefits:

Biodiversity Enhancement: Provides habitats for wildlife and promotes a diverse ecosystem.
Soil Health Improvement: Reduces soil erosion, enhances water retention, and enriches soil fertility.
Climate Change Mitigation: Sequesters carbon and reduces greenhouse gas emissions.
Economic Benefits: Increases crop yields, provides additional sources of income through timber and non-timber products, and supports livestock by offering shade and shelter.

The Benefits of Agroforestry

THE support

Government Support and Available Grants

Recognising the significant benefits of agroforestry, the UK government offers various grants and schemes to support farmers and landowners. Key programs include:

Sustainable Farming Incentive (SFI): Offers financial support for maintaining agroforestry systems. Payments can be as much as £385 per hectare per year for low-density agroforestry on less sensitive land. Countryside Stewardship Scheme: Provides funding for tree planting, tree protection, and land management practices that enhance biodiversity and ecosystem services. For high-density agroforestry systems, payments can be up to £849 per hectare per year​​.

These grants make it easier for landowners to implement and sustain agroforestry practices, contributing to the UK’s environmental and agricultural goals.

THE Best practices

Best Practices for Successful Agroforestry.

Implementing agroforestry successfully involves:

Selecting Appropriate Tree Species: Choose species that are well-suited to your local environment and agricultural needs.
Designing Effective Layouts: Plan tree layouts to maximise both crop and tree productivity.
Protecting Young Trees: Use fencing and tree guards to protect saplings from pests and livestock.
Regular Monitoring and Management: Continuously monitor and manage the agroforestry system to address challenges and optimise benefits.
Collaboration: Work with experts and leverage government resources to enhance the success of your agroforestry initiatives.

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